When does monthly billing begin?

I’m going to be ordering equipment shortly, and had a question around this. When does the monthly billing cycle for monitoring begin? Is it as soon as you order or not until something is “activated”? The reason I ask is I’ve got a business trip coming up, and it may be up to 3-4 weeks before I’m able to get the system set up. If the billing starts immediately, it would seem to make sense to wait and add the monitoring once I get back rather than paying a month for a unit still sitting in the box. If it doesn’t start until you active, then I could order it all in one shot.

The monthly billing will begin immediately. When you make your initial purchase for service, the first month of service will be charged at that time and will continue until you choose to cancel service.

From the sound of things, it may be better to wait to order service until you’re back from your business trip. That way you’re not spending money on something you’re not using.

If you order service with your system, then your service period starts when the order is processed. This allows us to create your needed accounts, complete the connection between your system and your Alarm.com powered account, as well as to complete testing. We do have some clients who purchase the system and wait to add monitoring later, but more often than not we’ve heard that people would rather know its ready to plug and play when they get time to install. The good news is if you purchase Gold Interactive we’ve been running a special that waives the activation fee, so I suppose a month of unused service doesn’t sound as expensive as usual during start up??

It’s really up to you and your preferences.

Thanks guys! I actually just had option 3 occur to me anyway. I’ve got everything saved in the cart (plus I know what I have in there depending on when the cart clears). Once I know how long my trip will be, I’ll order from the road so it’s arriving about the time I get home and am ready to install.

Turns out I’ll only be gone this week, so the initial order has been placed! I’ll be adding some pieces down the road once I get up and running.

Am I the first? Did I take SuertyDIY’s Qolsys virginity? :smiley:

Glad to hear it!

Not quite, but we’ll be looking forward to your feedback regardless. :slight_smile:

Well there’s a post that’s definitely being printed and going on my office wall.

I dunno, I feel kinda used not being the first and all… :smiley:

Must admit I’m excited to get this thing up and running.

Qolsys just a released a software update today so you’ll want to update after you get it up and running. Qolsys updates are fast and easy with the built-in WIFI. No special update cable is needed.


Sweet. Wife told me the package arrived today, so I’ll be getting set up this weekend.