What’s the consensus on frequency translators?

Moving into a new house soon with an existing 345mhz system. I’m going to convert it to a Qolsys system with surety.

I would ideally like to get the 319.5mhz panel since the Qolsys s-line sensors are at a good price point for future expansion.

So I was looking at the QS-8130-P01 translator to integrate the existing sensors.

Is it considered reliable? Or should I just stick to a 345mhz panel to avoid headaches?

There is no compelling reason to add a translator over using the panel with the appropriate built in legacy radio. For new sensors I would generally recommend PowerG, and all versions of the panel support PowerG.

I would always recommend using the model which directly supports your sensors.

Hmm, ok. One of the reasons I was considering using S-line sensors instead of PowerG for future upgrades was the Micro-S sensor. It’s a lot smaller and less obtrusive than the PowerG window/door sensor. PowerG doesn’t seem to have any equivalent mini/unobtrusive sensor — besides going the recessed route which just isn’t possible for some types of doors/windows.

But if it’s truly not a good idea to add a translator, I suppose I can stick with PowerG for future expansion and just get the 345mhz panel for the existing equipment.

If you have a specific aesthetic reason to go with one version over another, a translator is of course an option.

Unless you have a specific reason, my general recommendation is to use the panel type that supports the sensors you have.