What firmware version am I running?

How do I know which firmware version is running on my 2GIG Go Control Panel?

I am trying to install the 2GIG Image Sensor and there is no RF Sensor Equipment Code of ‘9999’. I am assuming this means that I have an old firmware version. If this is the case, a follow-on question would be, how do I update?


I just noticed that it appears v1.8 is the latest firmware version. 2GIG mentions that v1.8 added support for the TS1. I am already using a TS1 so this must mean that I am running at least firmware v1.8.

If this is true, then my problem of not finding an RF Sensor Equipment Code of ‘9999’ when trying to install an Image Sensor is not related to the firmware. Hmmm… any ideas on what the problem might be?

It was a rookie mistake. To enter ‘9999’, I first have to enter ‘0000’ which I believe means ‘Custom’ and then the panel allows me to enter ‘9999’. I think I have it working now.

The latest firmware version was just released and is V1.13, but you need at least V1.10 in order to use the Image Sensor. You should be able to type in “9999” or scroll to it under the option for the equipment code.

Can you check the firmware version you have? This video demonstrates how to find your firmware version-

The summary version is to click “security” from the home screen. Then select “menu” followed by “toolbox”. Enter your master user code, scroll to the right once and the select “version”.

I just checked the version on my panel according to the video and it is “V1.8.4_EN_US”. That seems to match with this 2GIG web site. http://2gig.com/firmware-update

Maybe I am looking at a completely different version than what you are describing. What am I doing wrong?

While I have been able to enroll the image sensor and can see it when I login to my alarm system online, I don’t yet see it under the “Image Sensor” tab. Maybe I’ve just enrolled it as a motion detector and not as an image sensor.

I see what you see, so you’re not doing anything wrong. Did you find the url directly or find it from a selection on 2GIG’s site? Either way its a page they’ve neglected to update for several years.

The Image Sensor will not work with V1.8.4. You’ll want to use an update cable and 4 pin extender to update your firmware version on your panel and TS1. Do you have access to one? OTA updates are also an option, but they aren’t free, can take a long long and present more of an opportunity for things to go wrong during the update. While the Image Sensor only needs V1.10 to work, the latest release is V1.13.

I will try and update the firmware and then reload the image sensor. Thanks for the info.