Web site step two

Why does the web site not go to step two? I choose a bundle and then try to add more products but is says nothing available. Tried on phone and laptop, no difference. Also why does no one respond to this same question sent to support@surety.com?

Happy to assist! That is not the correct email address. Email should be sent to support@suretyhome.com

What products are you attempting to add to your cart?

Keep in mind, bundles already come with service, a complimentary month of the Surety Home plan. This may be the issue you are encountering if trying to add the bundle and additional service.

After account set up, you can switch to the service plan desired, rather then trying to buy two at the same time.

Plans>select a bundle>next. At this point no products are listed but if I go to products I’m able to select things.

Ahhh thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can replicate the issue with our site and I have let our IT team know.

In the meantime, go to the Products page and choose the desired bundle and additional equipment that you are looking to get and checkout.

Each bundle includes a complimentary month of the Surety Home plan by default. If you need to change the plan, or add service add ons later, you can do this after account creation.

Once you have received the equipment, you can use the Surety login to get your new Alarm.com service account set up