Waiting for GSM activation...

Not sure if I need to send secure message about this. I’m unable to find secure message tool. I got the email my order is processed, and I’ve provided all follow up information required. It’s stuck at no cell module detected screen. I checked the tool before purchasing to verify it’s able to be activated…

Thanks in advance…

If you have received your Welcome to suretyDIY email, nothing further is needed to before running your cell test and getting connected.

If your panel does not see a cell module, this is a local system issue which needs troubleshooting. Did you install the module with the panel powered up? Always power the panel down completely before making any physical changes to the panel or its wiring.

Try a power cycle of the panel now, (Unplug power supply, unplug battery, wait 20 seconds, plug in battery, plug in power supply) then check the cell phone test. Does the power cycle resolve the issue?

GSM was installed after panel powered down and battery unplugged. I’m sure it just wasn’t activated yet as I rebooted panel every 45 mins from the time I placed my order at 1548 CST ubtil around 2100 waiting for signal. Guess I ordered too close to closing time:)

. I’m sure it just wasn’t activated yet

If you received your Welcome to suretyDIY email, this is incorrect. The Module is registered to your Alarm.com account and ready to be connected as soon as that email is received.

It’s stuck at no cell module detected screen.

If your panel states that a module is not connected or that it cannot retrieve data from the module, this is a local system issue. Nothing remotely can influence that. The module, when working properly, is visible by the panel whether or not you have service.

To clarify, what are you seeing on the panel as an error? Can you please post a photo of the panel screen where you are getting stuck?

Once you receive your Welcome to suretyDIY email, per instructions all that is required is to run a cell phone test to connect.

Cell module not detected. Running 3.0.2 on GC3

will try another reboot as he recommended when I get home…

I just assumed it wasn’t activated yet as it was 4 central when I placed order…

Also when going to radio to run a cell test, is where I encounter this error. So I am unable to run the cell test.

Cell module not detected.

This would indicate that the panel cannot tell that a module is connected. Typically this can be resolved by power cycling the panel, but it may also be a physical issue with the module.

When you power down the panel completely, try removing the cell sled and reinstalling. Make sure that it is firmly pressed in all the way, the sled will typically meet resistance before it is completely secured in the port on the board.

Tried several reboots…nothing

How do I send a secure message with updated gsm serial number? Or do I post here publically?

You can send a secure message to our team using our tool here.

Did you try to remove and re-seat the module with the panel powered down per above?

I will do it now

I sent secure message with updated GSM number, I think mine is defective. I’ve had problems with it before…

You already had another one on hand? That would be good to try a separate module, yes. If re-seating the module does not allow the panel to see that the module is installed there is likely an issue with the module.

One final thing I would check before that, just in case it has been manually changed, is to verify that Q7 in system configuration is set to Alarm.com. If set to None instead, the cell module status will not be detected when accessing Radio Status and it will also state that Remote Services Provider is not set.

System Settings - Installer Code - Installer Toolbox - System Configuration - Panel Programming - Scroll to Q7.

Q7 is alarm.com

It can see the module now.

I sent a secure message with new gsm info. Will I get another notification when it’s ready for the cell test?

Yes, you would receive email confirmation from customer service. It looks like an email has already been sent in reply.

The new GSM fixed it, I’m activated now. Thanks for your guys’ help!

Quick ?, home screen at ADC says my plan includes “irrigation” control…does it always say that or did I order something by mistake?

Thanks again

Rachio Irrigation controllers are compatible with Alarm.com and the service is included in Interactive Gold subscriptions.