Voice on open only

I am in the process of setting up a new system. While I am still learning I have just been adding my door/window sensors as zone type 25 so that I get notifications on them but I’m not actually arming the system yet.

I’ve added a couple of PowerG door/window sensors and everything works as expected. For one particular door a PowerG sensor wouldn’t work due to its size and the door casing configuration, so I added an IQ DW Micro-S instead. I noticed with that sensor, I get the voice announce when it is opened, but not when it is closed. I checked the panel and the panel does seem to correctly recognize both the open and close state of the sensor, it just won’t announce the close like it does with the PowerG sensors.

When looking at the event history in the panel, I noticed that PowerG sensors create events called “Active” when the door opens, and “Closed” when the door closes. The IQ sensor creates the events “Open” when the door opens and “Closed” when the door closes. Otherwise I didn’t notice any differences in their settings. Is there a way to get the IQ sensor to announce both states?

Only zones programmed as Sensor Group 25 will announce open and closed. These are not alarm monitored zones, just used for chimes/notifications.

The IQ S-Line sensor on your system is programmed as sensor group 10.

Ah OK, my bad. I thought I had set them all to group 25. I must have missed that one.

Thanks Jason!