Voice announcements incorrect gc3

I just upgraded my gc2 to a gc3 today and all seems to be working (did save/restore) but I noticed the door announcements are now saying “Zone 5” instead of “Garage Door”. I checked that sensor and it seems to be setup to say “Garage Door” from the panel, it just doesn’t. Ring a bell with anyone?

The GC3 will announce the names associated with zones in programming. To confirm whether or not those names transferred fully during the backup and restore, go to the wireless zone programming (System Settings > Installer Toolbox > System Config > Wireless Zones) and check the voice descriptors for each zone.

If the voice descriptors are just the generic Zone 1, Zone 2, etc., you can rename those under the voice descriptor section of each zone.

If they are correct in the panel already but not announcing as expected, try quick power cycle of the panel. Power down fully, transformer then battery, wait 30 seconds, then power back up, battery then transformer.