Vivint Sky Panel

Considering buying a Vivint Sky Panel off Ebay. It is unused , new in box. I dont want the contract but love their equipment. Can anyone give any advice? I am a novice .

The Sky panel is proprietary to that company and can not be used with any other company, unlike the Go!Control Panel they previously used.

The equipment used by Vivint is 2GIG, cams are Vivotek (same as used by, zwave/home automation gear is same as everyone else uses (Kwikset, Evolve, GE, Radio Thermostat, etc)

Advice is to steer clear of the Sky (aka 2GIG Go2.0 with custom firmware) if lockout wasn’t defaulted, you can’t do squat with it, and even if it was disabled, it’s zwave compatibility is limited, you can’t use newer 2GIG gear like touchscreen keypads (TS1), Image Sensors, etc.

…and you can never have it monitored.

Also, the WiFi is defaulted to only Vivint M2M, so even if you add it to your wireless network, Vivint can at anytime, remote it, lock it out, or even brick/disable it.