Vivint Sensor

I recently purchased a new home and the previous owners had a Vivint system. They removed the keypad, but all the sensors are still in place. From looking at the photos of different Vivint keypads I’ve determined they had the Skycontrol. The door window sensors are very long and I’m unsure if they’ll work with your 2gig system. I’m attaching a photo of what’s in the home hoping that you’ll be able to tell me if I need new sensors with your 2gig panel. Thanks for your assistance.

Happy to help! A photo of the outside can help narrow it down, but the same case and basic hardware might be used by multiple manufacturers. To confirm you would want to open the cover and check the model number of the sensor.

What is the model number? If you can’t find it, a photo of the inside of the sensor with the cover off would help.