vivint go panel and ts1 transfer to ADC?

My buddy sold his house and has the vivint go control panel and the ts1 panel all sensors. The new owner doesnt want it in there, the owner wants it uninstalled. So he asked me if I would like it if I uninstalled it. I would like to reinstall it in my home. I have read I have to flash the panel. I cant find anything about flashing the ts1. Will it just work with the firmware it has?

The TS1 needs to be the appropriate corresponding firmware version in order to communicate with the Go!Control Panel. It would depend on the firmware version you flash on the main panel. For example, 1.16 is the latest version of TS1 software, which is required if your Go!Control is flashed to 1.16 or 1.17.03. Firmware file downloads typically include a control panel file and a TS1 file. 1.17.03 is an exception as it is not bundled with a TS1 file, but the TS1 1.16 is required, so you can download that zip file as well.

The TS1 uses the same firmware update cable (with the included 4-pin extender) as the Go!Control.

If you are looking to get started with a 2GIG Go!Control Panel, this page goes over everything you need.

Hi Jason,

I’ve downloaded the latest firmware to update a new Touch panel. When I download the files, I do not see a “TS1” file included. Can you point me to where I can find this file so I can flash the update to the touch panel? Thanks.

The latest TS1 file is actually still 1.16 at this time. You would need to download 1.16.01 and apply that TS1 version to the TS1. 1.16 TS1 works with 1.17 and 1.19 control panel firmware. The archive of firmware files is found here.