Vivint alarm panel with Surety?

I have an alarm system from Vivint. Can I reuse it with your service?

Hello from Surety and Welcome to the Forum!

Whether or not you could reuse your existing equipment would depend on the panel type you have.

If it is a 2GIG Go!Control panel (would look just like the image above), you would need to get a new Cellular Module as well as a firmware update to your panel. This kit here would get you started. For the LTE module in the kit as of 11/2019, firmware version 1.19 would be required for the module to work with the panel.

If it is the Sky panel, unfortunately it is proprietary and not compatible with our service. Z-wave items like door locks and thermostats can often be reused if deleted through the Sky Panel first, but the panel and sensors would need to be replaced by one of our panel bundles found here.

You can view more details on why the Sky Panel does not work here.