Vista 20p and Alarm.Com?

So after my parents seeing what my 2gig/surety monitoring can do, they want to ditch their current central monitoring to just receive texts if an issue occurs, as well as be able to arm disarm remotely. Are there any IP Communicators or Cellular adaptors that work with or are they stuck with central monitoring. Replacing the alarm is not really an option as they have 2 partitions and 20 wireless sensors and 8 hardwire zones. They don’t need the home automation, just looking to ditch the 40+ a month for monitoring and home phone to one simple bill.

You can use without central station monitoring. We offer both our Gold ($19.95/month) and our Basic ($14.95/month) services stand-alone. The central station monitoring is an $8/month add-on. Are you asking if there is a way to use through your existing Internet connection or your existing cell phone plan without any monthly payment? If so, then no you can’t use without a dedicated cellular connection. The plans are very cost effective and provide reliable communication that isn’t at the mercy of your Internet connection going down or changes in your home network or ISP.

The good news is that replacing a wireless Vista system with 2GIG system is fairly inexpensive. The 2GIG system is compatible with the wireless Honeywell 5800 series sensors out of the box. All you would need is a 2GIG panel and a super switch takeover module (for the 8 wired zones). The bad news is that 2GIG still does not support multiple partitions, despite my constant whining to them about it.

Yeah, I love my 2gig and your service, Its good to know that its an option that their current wireless investment will work if they decide to switch, hopefully they will get partition support sometime, as their detached garage is the second partition connected by hardwire to the house 300+ feet away. I was really hoping if anyone knew of a bolt on cellular modem that would allow it to be monitored by Only ones I could find were using their alarm net.

The only compatible panel that supports partitions is the Interlogix Concord 4 which is not compatible with their Honeywell wireless sensors. You could do a Concord 4 with a Resolution Products Honeywell to GE translator, but personally I’d just wait until 2GIG adds partitions.