Viewing Skybell on IQ remote panel

I noticed some recent firmware notes below that indicate I can view the skybell on the remote panels. I’ve upgraded to the latest 2.4.2 and don’t see an option to view the skybell. I am very happy to see the MyQ now integrated to show garages on the panel. That’s a great add!

How do I view the doorbell on the remote units?

IQ Remote:
• Connectivity improvements
• Alarm Videos via built-in camera
• LiveView cameras and video doorbell on IQ Remote secondary keypad. Video only, no audio.

Happy to help! Do you have this setup already on the main panel? If so, in order to have Live View on the IQ Remote, you will need to have the main panel and remote connected to Wi-Fi, and then:

  1. Go to the home screen of the main panel.
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Advanced Settings .
  4. Enter the installer code.
  5. Tap Installation .
  6. Tap Installer Settings .
  7. Tap to enable Stream Live Video Cameras to IQ Remote .

When live video is initiated from the IQ Remote:

  • The live video stream will still appear on the main panel.
  • The live video stream does not have audio.

More information on Live View with Qolsys, including how to set up the feature on the main panel as well as compatible cameras, can be found here.

Those were the steps I needed to enable the stream on the remote panels. Thanks. I’d have never found that setting.

Both remote panels are streaming the skybell now.

Awesome! Glad that worked out for you!