Video thumbnails for saved video are different sizes

Yesterday there was an update for the app on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. After I installed

the update, I noticed the thumbnails for saved videos are all different sizes. I have attached a picture. Have you heard of this yet?

I’ve not seen this, no. Can you confirm the exact app version? I’ll send this to ADC.

I would first try logging out logging back in and force closing the app and restarting.


Before I made my post, I tried shutting the app down, logging in and out. No luck.


Any update on this? I have tried deleting the app, logging in and out with no luck.

Not yet, I’ve opened a ticket with ADC to investigate and a fix would likely be included in the next app update

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ADC has confirmed they are aware of the issue and it is being addressed in the next major app update. No ETA.

Very good. Thanks for the follow up. And I am still experiencing it


FYI the latest ADC app update resolved the issue.

Wonderful, thank you for the confirmation!

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