Video device is currently being installed

I installed and attempted to setup a ADC-VC726, all was going well, and I was able to add it in the app, unfortunately my screen timed out during a firmware update and when I opened the app again the camera was nowhere to be found, i trued to add it again and all I got was video device is currently being installed, I waited for a while and nothing changed so I did a factory reset, and when I re enter the mac, I get the same error. Any help would be appreciated. I hope the device is not bricked because I bought it from a friend who worked for an local ADC dealer so I won’t really have a warranty.

Hmm, can you send a private message with the MAC address for that camera? Happy to look into it for you. ADC should be able to clear the install attempt on their end, so as long as it isn’t an issue with the camera itself it should be ok.