Video Analytics Rule timing delay?

I’ve got a VA rule set for our doorbell camera that is active except when disarmed. It apparently is enabled immediately when we arm away instead of waiting for the exit delay to elapse. Is this expected behavior? I really don’t need to know when I’m walking out the front porch to my car… :slight_smile:


The rule would kick in when the arming event at the panel occurs, so what you are describing is probably normal. Alternatively you could arm the system via scene or the app after leaving and out of view of the cam.

So, just to be sure I understand - the rule kicks off before the exit delay has expired even though the system is not actually armed until then?

I would expect the rule to be invoked when the system is actually armed, not when the exit delay starts and is still disarmed during the countdown. Is this the first time anyone has mentioned this?

The panel reports the arming event in ADC as soon as the button is pressed. The recording rule is enabled based on that.

Yes, to my knowledge this is the first question about video analytics rules with regard to the exit delay countdown that we have received.

In general I believe the intention is likely that during that arming countdown recording rules are active to potentially capture someone attempting to sneak in right after you leave, during the countdown.

I’m happy to pass on feedback!

Might be a candidate for an option. Yes, please pass along the feedback. Thanks