Verizon Communicator you sent is registered to VIVINT??

I just installed the modem you sent and now VIVINT comes up on my screen (bottom right corner). I am unable to get to the cell test screen. I checked the ADC number through your website and I got the following message:

“Sorry, your cellular module XXXX can not currently be used with a new account. It is aleady registered with an provider. Your module is a CDMA radio on the Verizon network running firmware version 601127 and is two way voice capable. Congratulations, your module has a 3G radio!”

If the logo in screen corner is “Vivint”, that means you have a Vivint branded 2GIG panel (or 2GIG panel previously registered to Vivint).

You have to do a cell test to successfully reprovision the Vivint panel to Suretycam.

Once cell test is successfully completed, a small update will occur which changes the screen logo and removes the Vivint “installer test” button in the installer menu (and defaults the firmware to 2GIG OEM)

Until you preform the cell test, the panel will not reprovision

The CDMA module sent by Suretycam is preregistered, that is why it showed a locked message. If in future you decided to cancel service, Suretycam will upon request release/unregister the module

My mistake, I missed rebooting the system. I am able to get to the radio test and cell test screens now.

Here is how to do a cell test from any locked 2GIG panel (where you do not know the installer code):

Security>menu>toolbox>enter master code>right arrow till you see “cell phone test”

You then need to have Q44 reset to 0 via airfx (send an email to customer service), update your firmware (current version is 1.12), and then fully enable and optimize panel

For step by step instructions on unlocking and fully enabling a reprovisioned Vivint panel, see:

Thanks guys. I am fully functional now. I appreciate the assistance.