Verizon Communicator losing signal

My system seems to keep going offline. The display says that the communicator has lost connection. Not sure what is causing this but it makes this annoying beeping. Does this mean that the communicator is defective?

thanks in advance

Might be a tower issue.

If your CDMA module is roaming, then you may want to switch it out with a ATT HSPA module.

Check coverage here:

Going into installer toolbox, what signal strength is reported on the radio status button and what color is the button?

Make sure you have the proper antenna for the 3G module also. I see many that use the old GSM 2G black ‘in the panel’ antenna, or if they have the newer antenna, they just coil it in the panel itself.

If you have the antenna on the right for your 3G CDMA module, that can affect signal strength

Mine looks like the one on the left. I also checked the signal before I bought and it said it was a strong signal. I bought from I’m wondering now if I should have gotten ATT.

I usually have a strength of 8 of 16. I also notice it when it going to rain.

Where is this located in the home? Do you have the antenna run into the wall behind the panel? Your signal strength reading should be x/31 and you should always troubleshoot anything under 11.

Do you have an 8/31 radio signal strength? Can you relocate the panel closer to an exterior wall to test?

yes 8/31. When I had the antenna in the wall it was lower so I put it on the side of panel. I can try to move to another location. It is currently in the laundry room and I can move to the outside of laundry room. Not sure how much it will help. Does it matter if the outside wall is brick?

8/31 is piss poor strength. (imagine your smartphone constantly on 1 bar or less)

I also thought it was low but my service provider said it was fine. I bought it because I thought the signal strength was suppose to be good. Could there be something wrong with communicator?

This is from coverage check.
Verizon: Full Coverage
AT&T: Full Coverage
T-Mobile: Full Coverage

Brick can certainly affect signal strength, but I have seen it more drastically affect HSPA penetration than CDMA. Panel being in the laundry room may have impact as well, given the high likelihood of a lot of metal nearby. 8 is very low, have you ever seen a substantially higher signal?

This is a new system for me so I haven’t seen a higher signal. It actually shares a wall with the elect. panels for the house. It’s a 1952 home and in the panel closet there is a lot of metal.

I have attached a small drawing of the area. This might be the issue.

I’d recommend trying it in other areas of the home, plug the panel in there and run a cell phone test then check the signal strength after a few minutes. See if another location provides 12+.

I will try these things and let you know. thank you.

I have moved my panel around and the highest signal I have gotten is 9. If I raise it way in the air I get 14 but I can reach it like that. Not sure what to do with this communicator now.

You could always test an ATT module to see if it improves the signal. If you can test it within a few weeks of ordering there’s no harm, you can always return. See return policy.

Using the GOBridge as a concurrent backup communication path is also a good idea. It would make it so commands and outbound signals use cellular and internet at the same time.