VDB770 Power Module

When setting up the power module, I remove the red wires from the existing trans and front terminal and put in both white wires in the trans and front. The existing red wires I combine with the gray ones from the power module. I combined one just fine, the other when I combine the other two, the chime continually goes off. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Did you install and attach the VDB770 already? Be sure to remove the VDB770 from the mount when attaching the wiring. Does the same happen with the VDB770 off the mount?

Can you post a photo of your wiring at the chime?

FYI I am not seeing a Surety subscription tied to this user. Be sure to reach out to your provider for assistance if you use someone other than Surety for your Alarm.com service. They will have diagnostics available specific to your account once the device is added.

So I undid the front and tied the white again to the trans and front and tied the red and gray and then tied the front and it’s still ringing

Do you even need to install the power module? Or just leave the chime as is? Since it’s getting power and will chime

The power module is required for every ADC-VDB770 installation.

Constant chiming with the VDB770 suggests that there is a short on the circuit when the device is installed. So that we can assist, please post a photo of the VDB770 wiring and the chime wiring.

The red on the chime are the existing and I’ve attached each one to the gray wires on the power module and the white wires are going to the trans and the front

The third image suggests the likely issue.

  1. Do those b-wire connectors have gel inside? That gel is conductive and easily causes shorts if the two sides of the circuit are pressed together behind the doorbell. Wrap those in some electrical tape to avoid that.

  2. The wire sheath looks a little chewed up, some possible nicks. That also increases the likelihood of a short circuit with the wires bunched up behind the bell.