Using 2gig as second panel

I have an iq panel. The home we just moved into has a 2gig go panel and 3 image sensors. Since the 2gig image sensors are not compatible with my iq panel is it possible for me to somehow use the 2gig panel with the iq panel? Basically have my iq panel monitor my dours windows and locks and the 2gig panel monitor the image sensors?

No, you would not be able to use two primary panels.

The Go!Control and IQ would not communicate in any way.

If you are looking to use service you would need to choose which panel to utilize. (Using both would require two accounts, and the panels would not communicate with one another, they would just be two separate parallel systems.)

Keep in mind for normal sensors like door/window, motion detectors, glass break detectors; 2GIG sensors could be used with Qolsys or Qolsys sensors used with 2GIG by including a wireless translator like the RE524X.

The 524X would not work for Image Sensors though, as they do not communicate on the standard 345mhz 2GIG RF. To use the 2GIG Image Sensors would require the Go!Control Panel.

Each model of Image Sensor can only be used with a specific panel.

Note that you would need the XCVR2 transceiver to use Image Sensors with the 2GIG Panel. If the system currently has TS1s, Image Sensors, or a GoBridge, it would already have the XCVR2. You can check by opening the 2GIG Panel and looking at the transceiver (silver brick by the module slot). If it has a corkscrew antenna, it is the XCVR2.