Updating Dispatch Numbers

So I believe I had a typo entering the emergency dispatch numbers when signing up last night (they were surprisingly hard to find as all the sites just want to point you to 911). Looking at the form right now it’s not editable, but I’m assuming we’ll be able to update that later?

I went ahead and called the data entry team at Monitoring America and she confirmed they have the proper dispatch numbers for Memphis, but wanted to be sure I don’t create any overrides from that form.


We will verify the dispatch information provided on the survey prior to creating the account. If there is any information that is on there that is incorrect, we will make sure to correct it prior to setting up your service.

Great, thanks much. Police I’m fairly certain is not correct. One site mentioned all 3 use the same dispatch, another I found this morning - both city run sites to boot, gotta love government efficiency - suggested otherwise.