Updated/replaced cell module and am not receiving arm/disarm notifications

Issue Description: .
Not able to send commands such as temperature changes, light/dimmer commands, lock/unlock commands.

IOP version: 714.2010
firmware version: V1.19.3.1
Build: 17455
Radio modem: 6189
Z-wave version:2Gig-b 3.42

The control panel reports the module (SN353805114517787)
Registered, connected, and “on”.
Cell phone test reports:
“radio modem wireless path tested successfully”
“CALL CS to check reports if needed”
“Cell phone test successful”

Let me know if you need additional information.
jose fernandez

Have u did the cell swap in system manager

Good morning Charlie,
thanks for jumping in.
That did the trick.
It took me a minute to find it, but it’s all good now.
All the functions (lights, temp, etc…) seem to be back in working order.
Major thanks!

Just confirming after you updated your module in the system manager the signaling looks good.


All is good thanks to Charlie.

I didn’t know that step was necessary (DUH!).

Thx for the follow up.