Unset, partial set, set

noticed on my adc.com app (Android) that disarmed is now called “unset”, arm stay is called
“partial set”, and arm away is called “set”. Sometimes it shows up the regular armed, disarmed. etc. but now its the “sets” is this the new norm?

I have not seen this before. What panel type are you using? Is this naming reflected in the Alarm.com website as well?

What version of the app are you using?(Menu -> About -> Version at top of screen)

I would log out of the app and back in and/or restart the mobile device. How long has this been occurring?

FWIW I use android (Galaxy S8) and it reads Arm. Disarm, Etc.


My panel is the IQ2 panel, and no the naming is not reflected on the adc.com website. I did not check if the panel has the same, but can report back later. As far as I know it’s only on the app.

The app version is 4.10.11. It’s been happening for about 2-3 weeks now, and have restarted my phone several times since. I always log in and out of the app.

Here is a screen shot.

App is most recent version which is good.

Curious, what phone are you using, Android OS version, Security patch version?

Cant replicate at this time, using the same app version on android with an IQP2+…

It’s Android 9, with security patch level dated September 1, 2019.

Here is another screen shot showing the different states.

I logged into my wife’s iPhone (which controls the same system) and displays it has armed, disarm, etc.

I’m wondering if its some kind of language preference change somewhere, likely UK English. Are you a US user?

I’ll reach out to ADC to see if there’s a known issue going on.

Possible (I’m in Canada), but I don’t remember changing the language. How can I check? …and forgot to mention, its a Sony Xperia XZ1.

I just switched my phones language preference from English (United States) to English (United Kingdom) following these steps and the mobile app for ADC now shows Set/Unset. It looks like Canadian English setting shows Set/Unset as well.

oh, well who wants to speak Canadian, eh? Good to know! this explains it.

I know you can’t change the language preference via the ADC app (it can be done via the website but the choice of English does not appear to have the granular control that the Android settings change does (UK, Canada, USA, etc) So it looks like that change (Disarm vs Unset) comes solely from the Language preference in the mobile device itself.

I can’t say whether or not the English choice recently affected what the mobile app shows (Disarm vs Unset) That may have been recent but I’m just guessing there.

I guess in Canada we could say “set the alarm” or “unset the alarm” but, I definitely never heard “part set” the alarm… :slight_smile: