Unable to pair devices to 2Gig

I have a 2Gig panel that was having some odd issues with Z wave devices. The issues were related to schedules/rules within ADC not working correctly. I tried deleting the schedules/rules and recreating them but that didn’t solve the issue. I thought that perhaps there was something awry within the Z wave network. I tried doing a reconfigure network, that didn’t fix anything. I then tried to “remove” devices but that wouldn’t work at all, it failed to detect the devices to remove them.

I ended up resetting the controller within the panel hoping that starting “fresh” from the default Z wave settings would allow me to clear this up…however now the panel fails to detect any of the previously included Z wave devices. I have a couple of lamp modules and a Kwikset door lock, I have been unable to get any of them to pair.

Ok, I found out why I couldn’t pair the devices. Within the devices themselves they were still registered to a network.

I was able to use the “remove device” within 2Gig, trigger the device pairing button and then have the device itself configured to be removed from a network.

I was then able to add the devices to the 2Gig without issue. Hopefully this resolves my issues, which were mostly that the “turn on” rules worked for lights but they would never turn themselves off.

There is a known issue with Alarm.com/2GIG automation schedules that we’re trying to help resolve. It sounds like you might be experiencing that problem. I’ll pass your account number along to the engineering team as one to look into but keep us posted on the status of your system if it changes. Let us know if doing what you did helps with your issue.

Ryan, thanks for the feedback. I will let you know if things start working. Currently the lights turn on reliably, they just never turn off on schedule. They should turn off either at 11pm or 1am…but they are still on when we wake up in the morning. If I manually trigger the lights from the panel or ADC it works great for turning them on and off.

In another thread you mentioned contacting Alarm.com directly for feature requests (e.g. scenes via ADC), what is the best way to contact them directly as if i am logged in the support system references Surety.

Log into your Alarm.com account with a web browser, in the upper-right click “Support Center” and create a new ticket requesting that Alarm.com start supporting home automation scenes and explain why you want/need scenes. We’ll get that ticket and forward it to Alarm.com as a request from a paying customer.

Ryan, so far the light schedules seem to be working correctly…meaning the lights are actually turning themselves off. Not sure if this is a result of changes due to your action or as a result from me resetting the Zwave portion back to defaults and rebuilding the rules/schedules. I will post back if it stops working.

Glad to hear it! If it happens again let me know and we’ll continue looking into it. I know they’re putting a lot of effort into getting this overall issue figured out but it’s been hard to reproduce.