Unable to lock notifications

Had an issue yesterday with the front door due to door/lock alignment where lock was not able to close itself 100% and it resulted in “Unable to Lock/Unlock (Mechanical Issue)”. This occurred as part of an arm away situation where we always invoke arm away from the app… There was no notification of any kind the door was not locked and since we were not in the house, I could not hear the lock’s own beeps to indicate a failure to lock.

Given this specific situation was due to a type of “failure”, I was expecting there would be a notification as I have all the system events enabled, but that was not the case. I looked at the system events and there is one for “a garage or door lock can’t be secured (e.g. a linked door sensor is open” and this appears that it only applies if some associated senor isn’t closed, but I was thinking this would fire in the situation that happened here, but it did not.

The only thing I’ve found so far that would cover this situation is the “door left unlocked” notification. This isn’t that ideal for me as I don’t see any way to tie this notification to an automation action which is where I really want to know about this situation. There’s also the 1 minute minimum timer where I would want to know immediately after the lock fails to lock due to an automation event.

Are there any better options to cover this scenario, like tying the notification to specific automations (ie. arming events), or is there some notification I am missing entirely?

Unable to lock is covered by the System events notification, and in fact I see that notification was sent at the time of the event to your email address and as a push notification.

Looks like that notification went out via email and push notification 4 times yesterday.

Make sure to check spam or any promotional inbox folders if you are not seeing specific emails.

Are you receiving other push notifications?