Not sure if this belongs in Alarm.com or here. I have a simple task to automate: Turn on my alarm system in the evening, and turn it off in the morning. I need this, because the house is for sale and I am not there. Real Estate agents seem incapable of managing an alarm system. I also have a Yale lock, and the lock code is in a lock box on the door. While it would be simpler to engage the alarm when the door is locked, this isn’t feasible because people go in and out. I asked to add this functionality ($5/month from ALC astonishingly enough), but I can only use an event based rule to do this. The alarm system is not a device. So, the only thing that is shown as a trigger is “lock the front door”. Well, it’s already locked. Then how do you disarm the alarm? I don’t want the front door unlocked.

Either I’m not understanding how this rule works, or this is an incredible limitation of the system. Can it be programmed via the panel (which I do not have access to - its 900 miles away).

It is not found under rules. Click the “Commercial” tab. The Alarm Schedules are a commercial focused option, but can be added to residential user accounts. They will be found under the “Commercial” tab in Alarm.com.

Arming Schedules will be an option there. You can set a time to automatically arm and disarm (if Arming Schedules add on has been added)

Empower rules are all Z-wave automation-related (or similar back end integrations like lutron) and available in Gold Interactive.

That did it. I did wonder why the commercial tab showed up…should have looked there first. Thanks, Jason!

Would it be possible for me to get access to this commercial tab?

Would it be possible for me to get access to this commercial tab?

This is something that is in addition to the Gold plan and requires the “Arming Schedules” add-on for your service plan. You can find a list of add-ons and prices here.

If you would like to make a change to your service plan, let our team know by sending a secure message using our tool found here.