TS1 "Not Operational"

After updating my TS1 to the latest firmware (along with the control panel updating to 1.19), the TS1 now shows “The Security System is Temporarily Not Operational”. It has been this way for three days now.

The firmware update completed successfully. I have unplugged and replugged-in the TS1. The control panel and the rest of the system appears to be working correctly. The buttons on the TS1 do not have any effect.

What can i do?

Just to make sure, you updated the TS1 to 1.16 correct?

You can default the TS1 by pressing and holding those two face buttons, but instead of letting go when the screen goes black, keep holding the buttons until the buttons light up again.

This will default it and power it back up in the ready to pair state.

Then try deleting the TS1 keypad in the GC2 programming, then pair it again. Any luck?

The TS1 was updated to 1.16, that came in the same zip as the GC2 update. I tried the two-button reset but the result was the same message.

How do i delete the TS1 and program the GC2?

You can disable the TS1 in the GC2 panel configuration.

Enter the installer toolbox and System Configuration. Skip 3 times to reach the Keypad programming. Press the down arrow on the TS1 and switch from enabled to disabled. Save and exit.

In order to re-learn the TS1, it would need to be reset back to the screen which shows the “Pair with Panel” button. Then you can pair per these instructions.

Just to confirm, are you holding the face buttons down firmly until they turn off and light up again? If you release the buttons too early it will just reboot, not fully reset.