Trouble with system for grandmothers home

HELLO I’m currently thinking about changing to surety for my alarn service needs but right now I’m currently having a little trouble I have a 2gig gc2 panel that is in my grandmother’s home and she doesn’t really handle using a touch screen too well but I’m having a hard time deciding on what to do either get the 2gig wireless push button keypad or just switching it out for a Simon xt panel which she is kinda handles really well from past experience when we had it with a different provider but also my prob is if I change to that Simon xt I’ll have to get a translator but would I be able to use it for the smoke detectors that are currently installed that are 2gig I have been looking at the universal translator can someone gives me some ideas and tell me what u all think I’m not sure what to do

If I were you I would try the 2GIG wireless keypad (2GIG-PAD1-345) first. I don’t normally recommend that because it can only communicate to the main control panel but it can’t receive communications from the control panel so there is often no way to know whether your commands have succeeded. But in your case it would make sense to locate it right next to the main control panel so that wouldn’t be a problem. She would see/hear confirmation on the main panel. It would be much lower cost and less work to try the 2GIG keypad. If she doesn’t like it you can always switch to Simon XT as a backup plan.

Ok that’s what I’ll try first I hate to have to change systems because this 2gig I have everything set up like want and also have the right amount of sensors but she just has trouble and it makes her nervous