Trouble shooting video and sensors

Our system is recording all the time, and posting. Also front door sensor when activated, posts A LOT of sensor make/breaks.

Can you do a remote sensor/system check please to stop nuisance trips???

Looks like the camera at home settings (recordings stop when disarmed/armed) had not taken effect properly. Some commands were sent so the schedule was reset. That should be ready to go now.

You will want to however adjust the VMD settings on your camera. The target size is small and the VMD window is large, which is the opposite of what you want to typically set up to rule out nuisance recordings. VMD windows are best thought of as virtual trip wires. Long narrow windows where movement is guaranteed by the object (typically people) you want to capture. Setting the target size higher will ensure that random shadows and such are not enough to trigger clips.

Regarding the door, are you referring to a lot of false alarms when the system is armed? Or that it reports open when it is not? What model of sensor is that?