Trouble installing HD100 camera

Problem installing an HD100. I can see the camera on the add camera section, but I keep receiving configuration errors and the setup never completes. The camera is on my network and is assigned an IP address.

It gotten as far as configuring recording settings then errors out. I try and again and it might as far or gets back to the configuring recording, but has not made it past that…and I’ve tried at least 50 times.

Is it safe to say that you’ve successfully factory defaulted the camera between each attempt to add it to your system?

In these cases the most common resolutions are defaulting the camera and power-cycling the network. To default an HD100 camera old the B button for 10 seconds, when the LED turns yellow, release. To properly power-cycle a network drop power form their modem and router and wait a full 60 seconds. When the internet connection is active again power-cycle the camera.

Is your HD100 a Vivint branded camera?

If this is you, and you can access the camera via LAN/IP, you may have a firmware issue. Usually these are locked out, and not accessable via IP/LAN.

Post the firmware version of the camera, and the sticker on the camera itself. (That way SuretyCAM can check it with ADC to see if the firmware is what it should be)

I had a Vivint branded V520IP with a firmware issue, and had to have ADC reflash the proper firmware to make it work properly (Vivint uses a different ADC firmware for its Sky panel cameras, so all the newer ADC cameras that are Vivint branded may have firmware compatibility issues).

Vivint 520IR ADC firmware: IP8136W-ALAM-0100m2
Regular 520IR ADC firmware: IP8136W-ALAM-0100e

ADC reflashed 0100e to my cam, and all issues fixed.

In any event, I suspect you have a firmware incompatibility issue. You may want to return/exchange your HD100…especially if it is a Vivint branded version.

More and more people who buy the Vivint branded ADC/2GIG cameras will have problems due to the different firmware that Vivint is now using for the onboard DVR and M2M cloud backend user interface. The sky panel still uses the 2GIG equipment, but runs a modified version of ADC IP cameras to work with the hardware which is no longer compatible with the old ADC backend that everyone else requires.

ADC won’t be able to flash the firmware for a camera that isn’t connect to an ADC account, so I don’t think that’ll work. That being said, I’m pretty sure rive is right on the money with the firmware issue. You shouldn’t be able to access the camera through a browser so it looks like you either have a bad or wrong firmware on that camera. I would see if you can return it from where you purchased it and get a new one that is factory sealed.

I am having the same issue with my HD100. The camera was manufactured in 2012. I also installed an ADC-V520 camera and that had no issues. Is there a way to get the firmware on the HD100 upgraded by either 2gig or

I just spoke with and they confirmed what I suspected. They cannot update the firmware on a camera that isn’t attached to an account.

Thanks for checking, Jay. I just tried again, and the camera is now showing as a “new camera” with status “configured unassigned”. Is it possible to flash it in this state, because it is showing up in my account? The error I got is as follows:

Setup Wizard Failed to configure the selected Video Device.
Please power cycle the Video Device, wait for the light to turn solid green and try again.

Your installation ID is 492086866

Problem details:
Failed to configure camera parameters.

Croak…is that a Vivint branded 2GIG-HD100? Does it have an sticker on it?

What about the V520, is it Vivint branded?

Also you might want to check your V520 firmware version under video device settings on if it is Vivint branded, the firmware should end with “0100e”, not “0100m2”

I.e., IP8136W-ALAM-0100m2 (Vivint firmware version for M2M backend and onboard DVR)

The version you want is: IP8136W-ALAM-0100e

Rive: Neither camera seems to Vivint branded from the labeling. The V520 shows the firmware as IP8135W-ALAM-0100e . V520 is working fine. It is the HD100 that is not getting installed properly. And I am unable to check the firmware for the HD100 as it hasn’t been fully added to my account, although it does show up in the setup wizard. I was having the issue with the HD100 even before I added the V520 to my account.

Just got off the phone with ADC, and using your installation ID, they can see that the camera rejected the settings they were trying to update the camera with. Unfortunately, they could not tell what your current firmware is and cannot update the firmware without the camera actually configured and installed onto your account.

The V520IR is running the proper firmware.

As for the HD100…there should be a sticker on it, is it an sticker is the camera marked as 2GIG or ADC?

Its possible you may have a generic version of the camera that is not provisioned for

Thanks a lot, Jay and Rive. I guess I’ll have to return this camera then.

There is no sticker on the camera but it came in a 2gig box.

Rive, yes, there is actually no sticker in that place on my camera! And it doesn’t look like the sticker has been peeled off either. I got a few of these on ebay and all are the same, with no sticker and having the same issue.

Sounds like then you got the generic version of the hd100, I can’t though find out who actually manufactures them. The V520 and V610, V510, etc are made by Vivotek…

Perhaps you have the generic version or a knockoff.

I don’t know who actually manufactures the cam-hd100, but Vivotek makes the V610, V510, and the V520/520IR.

Vivotek makes a lot of the ADC cameras (V610, V510, V520, V520IR, etc), but I don’t know who actually makes the HD100 for 2GIG.

All the cameras have a custom firmware, so if you get a non-2GIG, or ADC version of a camera, or Image Sensor it will not work. Seems that is your issue here. Incompatible firmware (which explains the ADC configuration issues and missing 2GIG label sticker).

Thanks, Rive. That makes sense. I just wish there was a way to update the firmware. Oh, well. Good that I can return these.

Just out of curiosity, who is selling the fake 2GIG HD100 cams in the 2GIG boxes on eBay?