Trouble Connecting Cell Module

hi support,

we purchased new verizion 4g module, upgraded firmware to 1.17 successfully, installed new module successfully but we do not see cell phone test on any of the menus.

config has these answers for these questions:

(23) radio modem failure time out: 30
(24) radio modem failure causes trouble: 1 enabled
(25) radio modem network failure reports: 1 enabled
(91) radio modem supplier: set to 1 (options are 0, 1, 4, 5)

can you let us know what we missed to get the control panel to recognize the new verizon module?

the previous module was a go control att 2gig gsm6

actually an update i got to cell radio test by pressing the 2gig logo on the bottom right of the screen.

the test failed with these results, please help:

Signal Strenght: 0/31
Serial Number:
Subscriber ID:
Registration Status: not registered
Connection Status: idel
Power Status: off
Sim Status: unknow
Radio Frequency: auto

i’ve also power cycled the system, reseated the verizon module, run the test with the internal antenna outside the unit as well as the other antenna in the wall and i get the same results.

Hmm, a couple things to verify:

Probably seems silly, but check the version screen to make sure the proper firmware version is applied. Let us know what the firmware version is. Did you use the links in our firmware archive? Security - Menu - Toolbox - Version.

Did you install the module with the panel powered? This can cause a lot of issues and should be avoided.

When you say you power cycled the panel, does that include removal and re-connection of the battery? Keep in mind the panel will not fully power down unless you disconnect the battery as well.