Translator not working

I got a GE-2GIG translator a few weeks ago. It worked for 2-3 weeks before just stopping all together a couple days ago. There are no lights or anything on anymore. Is this a bad part, or is there something I need to be doing on my end to get it to work again?

It sounds like you’re not getting power to the translator. Is it being powered on batteries alone or is it being powered directly? I would not suggest using batteries to power the translator because they will drain fairly quickly.

There are a couple ways you could power it:

  1. You could wire it into the aux terminals on your old panel (if it is still up and functional) for a constant 12VDC power.

  2. Alternatively, you can use a 12VDC transformer to power the translator.

It is being powered through a 12VDC transformer with batteries as a backup. When I first discovered the translator was no longer communicating with the control panel, I unplugged the transformer and changed the batteries to check if the transformer stopped working. But even with fresh batteries, I get no lights on the translator. It appears to be totally dead.

Is the transformer still outputting 12VDC?

I disconnected the transformer from the translator and verified that it was still working. When I hooked it back up again the translator started to work again. I am thinking that I had a loose connection and the unit must have got bumped which caused it to stop working. Thanks for your help.