Transfer pin

I’m looking to switch from Alarm Grid to Surety today and need a transfer pin to get the system transferred over. I haven’t been able to locate it on the site, thanks in advance.

Also, I’m trying to find the plan that is right for me. I selected the Surety Protect with monitoring which I think is correct. I run 5 Power G image sensors, flood, freeze, Z Wave, a second Power G wireless panel for the garage, outdoor sensors, automation, etc. I believe thaf plan is the correct one to run this setup?

Happy to assist!

Thank you for your interest in Surety. You can start service with Surety in one of two ways, transfer your current account to us, or create a new one.

More information on transferring your account can be found here. Not all service providers support account transfers, you will want to find out from your current service provider if they will support it. If they do, follow the steps in the previous link. Transferring will allow you to keep your current account settings (rules, scenes, notifications, etc.). This will also allow you to continue using a 3G module if that is installed in your panel for the time being (more on that below).

If transfer is not possible, then signing up for service through Surety would result in a new account. You would need your current service provider to un-register the module (typically done during the account cancellation process).

When transfer is not possible, you can purchase a new service plan to get started. Plan pricing and features can be found here. As service is offered on a month to month basis, plans can be changed at any time. Once the module is unregistered, it takes about 5 minutes to go from plan purchase to creating the new account, account setup is done through the Surety website.

Surety Protect does not allow for the use of Z-Wave devices. Surety Home would be the best fit. PowerG images sensors do not count as cameras, they are Image Sensors.

PowerG PIR image cameras (PG9934 and PG9944) enrolled on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+/4 can upload alarm and Peek-in Now images to only. More information on which plans support image sensors can be found in the below guide:

Okay, I just signed up for a new account and it seems like I was successfully able to sign up and have the system online with Surety. The plan I selected was the correct one I see, there is no description on the store site for image sensors that I can find. My image sensors are not showing up for use in though. They are there as motion sensors and the names are all correct but they cannot be used to take images. Neither is any of my automation.

To clarify, you have signed up for Surety Protect, which as stated above does not work with z-wave automation devices. It is also not compatible with PowerG Image Sensors as described in the previous linked post.

You need the Surety Home service plan to utilize the Peek In Now for PowerG and to use Z-Wave automation devices. You can switch your plan via the System Manager tab of your Surety account.

The panel is successfully connected to through Surety. Pings to the module are successful and cellular strength is 3/6 which is good for successful cellular communication (2/6 is the bare minimum).