Transfer GC2 with bad touchscreen

Hi, I have a GC2 panel with the touchscreen so far out of calibration that I can’t manage to enter the code required to get to the re-calibration screen. I’d like to replace the panel with a GC2E and move the service to surety. The existing remote service provider isn’t being cooperative. Can Surety handle the backup and restore if I simply replace the cellular module, without me needing to enter any codes on the touchscreen? Any other suggestions?


If the panel connects to our service, yes, we could try to run a backup restore to the new panel, however given your description this would likely not be possible.

You would need to have access to the existing panel to run a cell test to complete the connection steps. It is usually not possible to connect a new module to service without that step.

Manual programming would be needed if connection is not possible using the old panel.