Tornado Alert

I’m curious if it’s possible to check on this one. We had a pretty good squall line roll through here tonight, and at about 11:15 cdt or so, had a tornado warning for a few minutes. After it expired, it got me thinking I had thought I remembered the panel would get warnings from ADC as well. Storm passed, and I made a quick look through panel setting to see if there was an option I didn’t have enabled, to no avail. Lo and behold, about 11:39, the panel goes ballistic with the tornado warning alert. So the question is, did ADC really drop the ball and just not send the warning on time, or am I somehow picking up alerts for the wrong area (more warning were dropping east of here at the time)? Is there any way to confirm timing of the events?

If you could, please send an email to with your account name. The alerts are directly resultant of the National Weather Service alerts, an obviously should be concurrent.