Tips for securing NanoMax sensors with adhesive backing

Hey guys, do you have any tips from experience on the best way to prep a wood painted door frame for sticking these tiny NanoMax sensors on? Should I trust these sensors to stay put? Is this adhesive backing that strong? I just want to prevent these things from falling off and giving false alarms because the penalty for false alarms in my community is quite steep. I would feel better if I could reinforce with screws. I have had very good success in the past with the red backed 3M industrial strength tape on my Harley. Anyone use this stuff for these sensors? If so, should I leave the factory adhesive on and just stick it to 3M tape mounted on door frame? Or remove stock tape altogether?Thanks in advance.

The tape that’s included is the best option. While its thinner than you might expect, it was selected specifically for this purpose (its 3M VHB and was tested for this application in various weather conditions). An alcohol swab of the area you’re placing the sensor to clean it always helps before application (but make sure its completely dry before you install). If you don’t have rubbing alcohol then at least wipe it down with water and let it dry. If there is dust or dirt on the surface when you stick it then the tape won’t stick as well. Also I would recommend pressing the sensor into place for 8-10 seconds when it is applied.

Thx Amanda. That’s reassuring. Finally getting around to installing this bad boy today.

If you ever do have issues with the adhesive backing, the outdoor extreme 3M tape you can find at the hardware store (20 lbs rating) is remarkably strong, more so than necessary for a sensor, but if it is a high traffic door or you otherwise have difficulty mounting, this is a good option.