Time until phone/push notification?

Assuming I am not home, and assuming I have all my entry points set at 30 second delay. How long does it take from the time of the alarm being tripped till I get a notification on my phone? Whether it be a phone call from the call center or a push notification from Alarm.com. Am I right in assuming it’s whatever I set my delay to? Or is it different?

Alarm notifications generated by Alarm.com will be received typically within a few seconds of the alarm being generated. Entry delay does not directly affect this in any way. Dialer delay on the other hand, is a setting which, once an alarm is locally generated, will delay the signal being sent for a predetermined time. This allows a bit of false alarm protection, giving you the ability to disarm quick if you accidentally set off the alarm. It does however extend the time from when the alarm goes off to your knowledge of that.

The 24/7 monitoring center will typically call shortly following any generated alert from Alarm.com, but they too are operating off the first alarm signal, not the alert.

The short answer is everything is immediate (depending on dialer delay).