Tilt Sensor vs. Thindoor sensor for garage

Is there a benefit for using a tilt sensor vs. a thin door sensor for car garage door? Seems like you could accomplish the same level of notification (open/closed)… I plan on using either of these as a no-response setup. Thoughts?

An easier installation is the primary advantage. If you are going to use a contact for the garage door, rather than the tilt sensor, you will want to avoid the thin door/window 2GIG sensors. Those will likely present problems with alignment plus they have a minimum temperature of 32 degrees.

I use a dw10 thin door sensor on my garage door. Where I live temps in winter routinely drop below 32°, never had any issues.

I don’t actually have the dw10 thin door/window sensor on the garage door though (its on the side), and I also have an attached garage.

I wired an overhead garage door reed switch to it. Pricing is comparible between the dw10/reed switch, and the resolution tilt sensor, but with the dw10/ reed switch there are less false alarms/malfunctions, no alignment issues, and its more weather resistant and durable (for harsh environments; I.e, snow and rain, wind)

See: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/61-Garage-door-sensor-(using-a-DW10)