Tilt Sensor Question

I have a mailbox slot that tilts from the top. So instead of swinging from the top to the bottom, it is opposite of that.

Will a tilt sensor work in this application. Would I mount it upside down?

I want to be notified if there is mail arriving

It shouldn’t matter whether it was lifted up or down as the sensor would be tilting 90 degrees either way. In fact, if the bottom of the mailbox cover swings up it will have an identical motion to a garage door anyway.

You would mount it right side up as you normally would for a garage door. Programming would also be identical, using zone type 23 no response type.

Make sure the type of sensor you use can withstand the temperature conditions. Also keep in mind depending where the box is located and what material it is made from, you’ll want to keep an eye on signal quality. If you have a repeater that will help.