Thermstat Energy Efficiency Model

I received the below email this morning:

????????'s system: To create an accurate Energy Efficiency Model of your property, the modeling system will make small adjustments to your thermostat Target Temp for 1-2 hours per day over the next few days. You can manually override these settings at any time if desired, though this will delay completion of the Energy Efficiency model.

How can I turn this off? I have my temperatures set the way I want them.

That’s the Energy Assistant feature. When you have a new account with thermostats or add thermostats to an existing account it will eventually prompt you and ask whether you want to enroll in Energy Assistant (or Energy Efficiency Modeling) which does exactly that. Do you recall getting asked about this and saying yes?

Unfortunately, at this time, once you’re enrolled in Energy Assistant the only way to cancel it is to remove the thermostats from your 2GIG panel and then add them again. I’m told is planning to add more explicit controls of this feature to the user interface in the near future but they’re not there yet.

The good news is it won’t change your settings. It will just temporarily change the target temperature for an hour or two a day and gauge how quickly your home heats up and cools down in response to that. can use this energy model to make recommendations for you in the future. You probably won’t even notice and it’s only temporary. Once it’s completed the Energy Efficiency Model it won’t do that anymore.

I do not recall being asked about Energy Efficiency Modelling. I do recall I had to add a template in order to do anything with my thermostat scheduling. If it’s not permanent, it’s not a problem. I just didn’t want something changing my settings on the fly. Thanks.