Thermostat settings reset?

Hi, I’m trying to change the configuration settings for my thermostat. I set it for two stage heat and two stage cooling when I was selecting the wires connected. I also selected that the z wire was connected but it isn’t. I’d like to try it with one stage heat and cooling as it isn’t working very well.

These can be changed by accessing the thermostat configuration on When you click the configuration wheel, select Advanced Config, do you see 3 tabs, the third being Installation? This is where the settings are located.

When I access the Advanced Config area, I only see the user tab. I have seen the other two tabs flash on-screen and disappear - I can get them to flash again by refreshing the page.

I was checking the account and it looks like the settings have been changed to single stage. Were you able to access through

I was able to unhide the tabs by editing the page’s css tags using chrome’s dev tools. A bit of a hack but having a web developer background sometimes comes in handy. Quite the number of settings in there, you almost need to be an HVAC expert to know which to set.

Hopefully they will add/improve the ‘smart’ settings. What’s there is nice, but it’s a stretch to call it smart without any sort of learning or optimization.