Thermostat not turning AC on

We have the ADC-T2000. It’s been working fine the past few weeks, but my fiancée replaced the filter while I was out of town and now I can’t get it to cool. Have it set to 72 and it’s 76 in the house and it won’t kick on. Any suggestions?

Replacing an air filter does not have any impact on operation of the thermostat, though depending on where it is located, the wiring may have been snagged at the HVAC. You could check the wiring at the HVAC terminals and make sure all the thermostat wires are securely fastened.

I’m not seeing a related suretyDIY subscription to this question, so I can’t see any system details, but double check the mode on the Tstat as well. The middle paddle button on the T2000 controls mode selection.