Temperature sensors

I have three thermostats and two temperature sensors. The temp sensors are associated with the wrong thermostat and I can’t figure out how to change them. Can you help?

First I would suggest checking the firmware of each Tstat. In order to confirm your ADC T2000’s firmware version, while the T2000 mode is off, hold the up arrow button for about 3 seconds. You should see a number displayed (Ex. X.XX) along with the symbols for both heat and cool.

What are the firmware versions of the three Tstats?

Two of them are showing 1.50. That includes the one currently associated with the sensors and the one I want to associate with them.

The third thermostat is apparently ignoring this procedure and will not display the firmware version, but it appears to respond to any other commands.

Interesting. So we can discuss with ADC, what is the name of the other Tstat showing 1.5 that you wish for the RTS to link to?

Main Thermostat…but I just logged in and see all 3 are now allowing me to associate. So I guess you fixed it? Thanks!

Some commands were sent to ensure all thermostats were reporting their data properly with the back end. It looks like that cleared up the issue.