Temperature Monitoring

Hello, we are new at 2-GIG and learning something every day! I have two questions:

Q1 - We own a small (winterized) camp that we would like to be able to check on both the indoor temperature and humidity if at all possible using a sensor of sort vs. a z-wave thermostat. We heat with a pellet stove when we are there, so using a thermostat is a bit out of the question with the stove. We are utilizing a 2-GIG control panel (version 1.9.6), have the SuretyDIY cellular basic plan w/o central station monitoring and gain access remotely via Alarm.com interface. Is there a way to do what I need using some specific type of sensor other than adding a thermostat that will not interface with the stove some other way?

Q2 - Secondly, am looking at adding a motion detector with an image sensor out on the porch facing the front stairs/driveway. Would not want it to set off an alarm event if someone arrives, but instead simply send a notification with a picture if someone comes in the driveway and up the camp porch steps? Is this even possible? Can someone help as to if this possible and what I will need to purchase as far as the detector/sensor and detail the steps of adding it to the 2-GIG panel.

Thanks much!

1: There aren’t any general sensors that would tell you the specific temperature, no. You would need to use Interactive Gold and a thermostat for that.

There is the option of using a different wired temperature sensor. If you can find one with a contact closure output to be triggered when the temperature falls to a programmable point, you could use the wired input of a DW10 to get an alert if the temp hits your mark.

The RE219 is a pre-made option, but its thresholds are 40 for low and 100 for high.

2: The Alarm.com Image Sensor is not made for outdoor use, so I would not advise trying that. A better solution may be the Alarm.com Cloud Video service if you have Wifi at the location. You would have outdoor equipment options and instead of images it would be video clips.

An Image Sensor is not an option for that panel with the current firmware version. You might want to purchase the 2GIG-UPCBL2

Thanks Jason - just dreaming on the temp sensor I guess, but using a DW10 along with a contact that is temp sensitive might be the key. The suggested RE219 (3-in-one device) might just work too without much problem - Question though - will I be able to have the panel send just a “text notification” and not an actual alarm being set off? What setting would I need to set in programming of the three loops for an alarm to NOT sound?

As for the image sensor, there is NO wifi there, so cloud will not work for the place - our camp is located about 3 miles off the nearest drive-able road in the Adirondacks Mountains of NYS - Biggest problem I guess is having NO wifi, kinda nice to be disconnected from the world sometimes, hence the rural cabin…

Thanks Riven - I do have the upgrade cable for the 2GIG panel, I just never needed to do an upgrade past ver. 1.9.6 for what I needed from the panel - “basic security”… I guess I will go back to the drawing board… on that

Thank you both!

Programming the sensor type as 23: “No Response Type” and equipment type as “Contact” will let you generate activity notifications with no alarm.