Tamper alarm

I keep getting a tamper alarm on my front door, but only when my system is armed. I left it unarmed for 3 days and never got any tamper alerts, but when I had it armed before those 3 days and now tonight when the system was armed I have received tamper alerts. Is there anything I can do to fix this? It pretty much makes my system useless when I get a tamper alert every time it’s armed.

There shouldn’t be any correlation between tamper reports from a sensor and arming status. It would typically be coincidental. The sensor is just reporting the status to the panel, the panel doesn’t itself determine tampers on sensors.

Is this a wired sensor connected to a Hardwire 16 by chance? Or is this a wireless sensor?

If it is a wireless sensor on the door, can you post a photo of the sensor? Check the cover and make sure it is not loose. Try removing the cover and reattaching to ensure it is firmly connected and the tamper switch is depressed fully.