Take over module = 8 sensors or 1?

My sister has an existing ADT hardwired system and I am replacing it for her with an Alarm.com 2GIG system
I’m purchasing a 2GIG-TAKE-345 so we can reuse 8 of her hardwired sensors, but I’m not sure whether they work as 8 separate sensors, which I can name as I wish, or will it show up as a single sensor? Is it difficult to program?

The super switch takeover module will give you 8 separate wireless sensors in your 2GIG panel, not just 1. It’s no different than programming in 8 separate door/window contacts once you have it wired correctly. For programming in video, your Alarm.com provider should be able to help you with that, or just log into your Alarm.com account and go to the Video tab. The on screen “add camera” wizard will walk you through it.