T2000 " tstat tempature was restored"

Received a tstst temp restoral message. In my case schedules are off. Temps are all manually set. What exactly is a “restoral”, and since when are temps configurable for decimal points?

Set temp was originally 79°F. I have no clue where it gets a restoral for 81.4°F

Hi- I received the same “temp alert” last night at 11:02pm EST.
I do not have the T2000’s, but I am running schedules.
One minute later, I got another email stating the temp had been “restored”.
Both emails stated the same temp - 72 (and that’s what it’s supposed to be)

Very odd.

Oh teh noes…

That notification should have nothing to do with set points. I believe that is the wording of the “Temperature Notification” in thermostat rules and alerts. It looks like OP has it set for 83.

A notification for when the interior temp exceeds certain values.


The 81.4 (the .4 part) is interesting though. Looks like the T2000 can report a more granular current room temp than the CT100 (only specifies to half a degree point)

The T2000 certainly can. I see it on my Qolsys panel all the time if I check thermostats…temps reported to the tenth of a degree.