T2000 Programming question

So where the following electric heat pump staging is true, which HP configuration is correct (1,or 2)?

  1. Heat pump stages (1); Aux heat stages (1)

  2. Heat pump stages (1); Aux heat stages (2)

Two stage electric heat pump with Aux/Em heat:

Cool stage 1: Y, G, O

Heat Stage 1: Y, G

Heat Stage 2: Y, G, W

Em Heat: W

The help tips will likely need reworded for the configuration section, but in general:

Heat Pump Stages will coincide with the number of physical heating units you have. 1 heat pump: 1 should be selected.

Aux Heat Stages is a bit confusingly named, and in this case we’ve discussed with ADC and it should encompass the total number of heating stages on your system: 2 should be selected.