T2000 improper tstat hookup

I just wanted to point out something about the tstat, and I need to know how to properly wire this thing.

I wasn’t sure about this till I checked the specs, but apparently ADC required me to improperly wire my tstat to make it work…

Perhaps you can push this to ADC, and see what they say?

In a nutshell I have a heat pump with cooling and 2-stage heat, ADC forces me to wire the W2 as W, then determines it is a “single stage heat pump”, so then I have to have it changed to “2stage” via backend.

The problem is that it isn’t wired properly, and I dunno what that means (just changing it from single stage to 2 stage with the W2 wire in W terminal), as I don’t think just setting it to “2 stage” is the proper resolution, or is it?

Seems to me the proper fix is to wire it as W2 instead of W (without ADC throwing up “W2 cannot be connected without W” error) just as the wiring schematics show.

Notice the second stage AUX heat is W2, there is no W as it uses Y for first stage heat

ADC states W2 cannot be used without W (which doesn’t exist in my HP wiring), thus forcing W2 to be wired as W:

What’s the option here? A Jumper from Y to W, then wire properly to W2? Or does merely changing it to “2 stage” rewire the W2 (stage 2 AUX heat), W (stage 1 heat), and Y (stage 1 cooling) terminals (so that stage 1 heat/cooling is Y terminal, and stage 2 AUX is W terminal?

Thanks for any assistance.

Well, if its anything like the ct100, having it in 2 stage HP, should make the W2 AUX go to W terminal…

But I am just guessing, without seeing a wiring diagram for the T2000…

Please post your HVAC model, but yes, you should have it wired correctly. In a heat pump system, the wiring is different and your O/B wire is going to be your changeover wire from primary heating to cooling.

My HVAC is Carrier model# FB4CNF
Carrier split heat pump model # 213B

To be honest, I am very close to ripping this tstat off the wall and putting the original one back on. This “intelligent” tstat just isn’t ready. I have heard it compared to the second generation Nest, but I can tell you as of right now, it isn’t even a competitor. The Nest blows it out of the water.

The 2nd gen Nest is like pure GED Android 5 (lollipop)… awesome, feature rich, and configurable
The T2000 is like an Apple iPod Touch… limited, locked down, frustrating, featureless, overpriced

Assuming for a moment, that the wiring is correct, here are my issues with this T2000/B36-T10:

  1. PITA config options that are not even user accessible for basic operation
  2. Does not indicate when it is in AUX heat mode (like Nest and all the others do)
  3. *Does not have a Emergency heat mode/switch to run AUX heat and lockout HP (like Nest does)

*My understanding of the way this would work is in “Emergency mode”, Y is not energized at all, and only AUX (W/W2?) is. MY current “dumb” tstat with the Emergency mode feature can be run just like normal heat (it shuts off when it reachs the set point, turns on if below set point).

This 1 week old ADC tstat is about to get listed on ebay for $79 “like new”. No offense, but I think this tstat is geared towards ignorant users, who haven’t a clue how things work, and don’t want to know, and those who don’t mind spending obscene cash for junk.

Is that a shipped price?