System won't arm.

My system with zip code ending in 3 will not arm.
Can you please check.
Thank You.

Looks like the system’s cellular connection is causing some issues in this case.

Remote commands are not being acknowledged and status requests are timing out.

The first thing to try in this case is a power cycle of the panel, unplug transformer, disconnect internal battery, wait 2 full minutes, then connect battery, then plug back in the transformer.

Wait until the panel boots up then run a cell communication test from the panel. Let us know when you’ve had a chance to do so and we can check back-end signaling.

Note that there are a lot of malfunctions listed for sensors on this system, and many may require battery replacement.

From the XT manual regarding communication test steps:

To perform a communication test:

  1. Scroll to System Tests.
  2. Press Enter. The display shows Enter Code.
  3. Enter the master code.
  4. Press Enter to accept the master code. The display shows Comm Test.
  5. Scroll to Comm Test.
  6. Press Enter. The display shows Comm Test is On.
  7. After the communication test is successful, the display shows Comm Test Ok.
  8. Press STATUS repeatedly to exit.